Why Upzing?

Audience attention is divided.

According to Nielsen, 88% of Americans use a second screen, i.e., a smartphone or tablet, while watching TV, and 71% look up information related to what they’re seeing on TV.

A Facebook-commissioned study also found that participants look at their phone 25% of the time while watching TV and 50% of the time while watching TV commercials.

Upzing turns this second-screen behavior to your advantage by boosting your digital ads during TV commercials, to get your ad into the top position at the precise moment your offering is top of mind.

The result is improved click and conversion rates and reduced cost per conversion.

Male watching ad on tv while using phone

Upzing helps the second screen work for you, not against you.

How It Works

Upzing sets up in minutes and automatically works in the background.


Select your TV commercial.


Connect your ad account.


Confirm your budget.

Make the Second Screen Work for You

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