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Our smartphone addiction is good news for TV, better news for digital marketers

Let’s face it – Americans are addicted to their smartphones. They’re looking at their screens while out walking, while at the gym, while sitting across the table from friends or family in restaurants and bars, during live performances, and in movie theaters. It should come as no surprise that most people can’t even ignore their phones while relaxing in front of the TV. And that’s actually good news for TV and digital advertising.

Facebook IQ-commissioned study found that 94% percent of participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV, while a recent Total Audience Report from Nielsen found that 73% of Americans use their mobile devices to look up information related to what they’re seeing on TV – and that includes commercials.

The implications for both digital-first marketers and traditional television marketing strategies are huge. Marketers can boost their digital ads during a particular program, when their ideal customer is most likely to be watching with a smartphone in hand.

But there’s an easy, cost-effective way to get even more bang for your buck. You can also boost your digital ad to the top of the search results not just during a particular show, but during specific commercials – precisely when your ideal customer is most likely to be watching and when awareness of and interest in your product or service are at their highest.

Rather than competing against each other, digital advertising and traditional TV commercials can work together to capture audience attention – even when the commercials aren’t your own. The fact that 94% of viewers no longer passively stare at the TV during commercial breaks can work to your advantage, but only if you know which ads are airing and when, so you can boost your digital ads at the right moment. But knowing when the commercials you want are going to air and boosting your ads at the right time can sound like a tall, complicated order.

That’s where Upzing comes in. With Upzing, you can create second-screen advertising campaigns simply by choosing the commercials you want. Then whenever those commercials air, we’ll automatically boost your digital ads into the top position, increasing click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and sales at the precise moment interest and awareness are at their highest.

You can choose to create Upzings that will automatically boost your digital ads during commercials that advertise:

  • You and/or your product
  • A competitor
  • A complimentary product
  • All of the above… and more.

Once your Upzings are created and active, they’ll automatically run in the background to boost your ads at exactly the right time. Upzing will create a separate Ad Group in Google Ads, and you can measure performance by comparing your Upzing Ad Group to your original Ad Group. Click and conversion rates can improve by as much as 85%, while cost per conversion can decrease by as much as 35%.

Are you ready to reach the 94% of Americans who look at their smartphones while watching TV? Make the most of your TV and digital advertising with Upzing. Request a demo today!

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